The following is a list of words and expressions frequently used in connection with our industry


Word & expression


ASA Public Limited Company in Norway

Unit of pressure. 1 millibar = 100 N/m²

CHG Compressed Hydrogen Gas
CNG Compressed Natural Gas
EBIT Earnings before interests and taxes
EBITDA Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization

Hexagon Composites ticker on Oslo Børs

HSE Health, Safety & Environment. Collective term for activities relating to health protection, environmental protection, working environment and employee safety.
Hydrogen Light, colourless gas (Symbol H), produced on an industrial scale
IA Inclusive Workplace
ISO International Organization for Standardization - publishes standards in a large number of areas
Joint venture Legally signed contractual agreement whereby two or more parties undertake an economic activity
Composite Combination of glass/carbon fibre and thermosetting plastic, exploiting the malleability of the plastic and the stiffness and strength of the glass/carbon fibre
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (propane gas)

Match Equity segment on Oslo Børs
Mobile Pipeline® Gas distribution products

Natural Gas Vehicle

OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer
OSE Oslo Stock Exchange (Oslo Børs)
Resin Chemical adhesives for strengthening glass and/or carbon fibre
SCM3 Standard cubic metres. Unit for volumetric measurement of oil, natural gas and natural gas condensate at standard conditions defined in the ISO standard ISO 13443

Organic hydrocarbon used in the production of rubber and plastic components

TITAN® High-pressure composite cylinder for bulk transportation and storage of CNG
Type 1 Steel cylinder
Type 2 Steel cylinder, composite-reinforced
Type 3 Composite cylinder with metal liner
Type 4 Composite cylinder with polymer liner
5S Philosophy and way of organising and managing the workplace and workflow for the purpose of improving efficiency


High-Pressure composite cylinder for bulk transportation and storage of CNG