Proven technology and strong track record

The Type 4 all-composite pressure tank proves to be the best combination of weight, safety, efficiency and durability available. Our fuel systems are designed and engineered jointly with leading global truck and bus manufacturers to meet their requirements for safety, packaging, quality and installation.

Innovation and cost-effective production

Product and process innovation starts with resourceful teams at Hexagon that are dedicated to solving challenging energy problems. These teams, along with highly automated and effcient production, are core competitive strengths underlying Hexagon’s global leadership. Differentiation through innovation is essential to growing market share and contribution margins. The Group works closely with customers and suppliers to excel in these areas.


Product safety

A strong safety culture is essential for Hexagon with products that are used to transport and store pressurized gases. Hexagon is involved in several international standards development and maintenance committees with the primary goal of bringing safety to users and the environment. All of Hexagon’s products are tested and approved in accordance with established safety standards. Production and related processes are regularly monitored and controlled. 


Competence and expertise

Innovation, ambition and expertise are critical success factors. Hexagon encourages diversity in selection practices with the aim of selecting people with different backgrounds and expertise. The Group emphasizes empowerment and a flat organizational structure that recognizes the accomplishments of our people and enables them to thrive.