Corporate social responsibility

Hexagon Composites conducts its business in an economically, socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Why is corporate reponsibility important to us?

The Group focuses on reducing its impact on the environment and providing innovative products enabling its customers to do the same. Good working conditions for employees and relationships with the local communities where the Group operates are key objectives. Hexagon prioritizes ethical conduct within its organization and supply chain including anti-corruption, product safety and respect for human rights.

How do we do this?

Social responsibility is an integral part of Hexagon Composites’ corporate governance process. Formal guidelines for corporate social responsibility are approved by the Board and integrated into the Group’s management systems. Compliance is assured through internal communication and periodic training activities. The Board believes that the organization is characterized by strong ethical standards and a high level of integrity. In the opinion of the Board, good results have been achieved in integrating social responsibility considerations into the Company’s business strategies.



The community

Product responsibility and safety


  • environment
  • working conditions
  • local community
  • ethical behavior
  • product safety
  • supply chain