Hexagon Purus

Hexagon Purus is the world leading supplier of lightweight composite high-pressure tanks and systems for storage and distribution of hydrogen, natural gas and biogas. Its solutions serve a wide range of mobility and storage applications, enabling customers to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their competitive edge.

To focus our pursuit of the growing market opportunities for renewable fuel solutions, Hexagon has organized its Hydrogen activities and CNG Light-Duty Vehicles activities into a dedicated single business segment. This segment is now named Hexagon Purus.

The global transition to zero-emission energy for the mobility sector is accelerating with strong support from both public and private players. Hexagon maintains a leading position within Hydrogen and CNG mobility, and substantial organizational investments are being made to further
develop this position.

Hexagon Purus is based in Germany, USA and Norway, and has around 200 employees (2018).


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