Hexagon Mobile Pipeline

Hexagon’s Mobile Pipeline® solutions enable safe distribution of CNG, biogas and industrial gases and are increasingly used to provide gas delivery where a pipeline does not exist. The company’s product portfolio is the broadest in the market, comprised of the TITAN® and X-STORE® brands, representing the benchmark with regard to quality, weight, safety and payload for composite transport solutions.

Hexagon is the global market leader in high-pressure composite storage cylinders and transportation modules for compressed natural gas (CNG) and biogas. The cylinders are lightweight and have a high capacity, making the systems ideal for customers that require large volumes of gas but who are not currently served by traditional pipeline infrastructure. With four times more capacity and weighing only 30% that of steel tubes, Hexagon’s composite cylinders offer a more economical delivery solution, enabling a faster return on investment.

Hexagon Mobile is located with facilities in Lincoln, Nebraska (USA) and Kassel, Germany, and has around 100 employees (2018).

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